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2 Alternatives to Stress Eating

by Grace Filled Plate
2 Alternatives to Stress Eating

It’s the end of another stressful day where it feels like life is spinning out of your control.

Thankfully, one thing never changes: the sweet, sweet taste of your favorite ice cream.

You tell yourself it’s just a little treat to unwind before bed. Well, it started that way. But before long, you’ve given up the bowl and you’re eating it straight from the carton.

Stress is different for each of us. Those glossy magazine covers tell you to “get rid of stress from your life.” Meanwhile, supposedly helpful memes tout the importance of removing toxic people from your life, or leaving situations that cause you stress.

You may not be able to change what’s happening in your life right now. But you can change how you respond by using alternatives to stress eating that help you find peace in your circumstances.

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