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When Your Emotions Control Your Eating

by Brandice

It happened again. You weren’t hungry but, somehow, you demolished that bag of chips or the cake you didn’t really want. All because of an emotion you were feeling.

Once again, you fell prey to emotional eating, which is defined as eating outside of your physical need for food.

Happy, sad, stressed, tired, lonely…you name it. If it’s an emotion, you can eat it.

In all honesty, eating for emotional reasons happens to all of us at some point. But the problem comes when your emotions control your eating.

When that happens, it’s as if someone hijacked your car with you in it. And the police cars chasing them just can’t catch up, no matter how fast they go.

You feel awful when you cave to emotional eating. And yet, the temporary payoff can keep you doing the very thing that’s causing you angst.


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