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10 Filling Salads For Lunch

by Kath Younger

These filling salads for lunch are packed with protein, complex carbs, healthy fats, and colorful vegetables to fuel you through your day… and they are anything but boring!

To probably no surprise, I love a salad for lunch. But I’m not talking about plain romaine lettuce soaked in dressing and topped with with dry croutons.

For me, a salad can be a hearty lunch on its own, but I have a few requirements. It must have all three macronutrients: complex carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats, plus plenty of colorful vegetables (gotta get those antioxidants!). This simple “formula” allows for a variety of textures of flavors and leaves room for creativity in the kitchen.

Whether it’s a cobb salad, chicken salad, or Instant Pot egg salad, the possibilities for filling salads are endless.

During the colder winter months, I gravitate toward heavier salads with dark leafy greens, cheeses, and roasted vegetables like sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts.

Come spring and summer, I crave cold pasta salads and tropical bean salads with fresh herbs and lighter dressings.

Today, I’m sharing a roundup of healthy, delicious and filling salads that are perfect for lunch.

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