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Care for a Sick Family Member

by Pamela Wilson

The Caring Generation® – Episode 159 January 25, 2023. Caring for a sick family member can be challenging for caregivers trying to balance life. Seeking support for health and social needs can offer a variety of programs to make caregiving more manageable.

If you are a caregiver you may be wondering how to manage care for a sick family member with everything else you have going on in life. If you are new to caregiving, you will quickly identify that being a caregiver can have a long learning curve of ups and downs, wrong turns, detours, and frustrations.

Caring for a sick family member can be challenging if you seek help from the healthcare system and lack experience. If you’ve been managing care for a sick family member for a while and are still struggling, I will share a few suggestions that might be helpful for you.

In either situation, my website pameladwilson.com has an open course webinar program called Support Caring for Elderly Parents with detailed information about managing care for sick family members taken from my twenty years of providing direct 1:1 care management services for clients and working with their family caregivers.

The program is all online. It can shave months, if not years, off the learning curve for caregivers.

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