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How to Handle Stress Biblically

by Annette Reeder


Am I stressed? Just because I can’t sleep, eat at all times of the day, can’t get my work done, am tired all the time, forgot to pick up the kids at dance and I fell asleep in a meeting! Does that mean I am stressed? And on top of all that, I have a headache every day. Surely that is not stressed!

Can you relate?

Do you reach for caffeine to wake up and tylenol PM to go to sleep?

Yes, we live in a stressed culture. It feeds our stress.

Stress has been called the fastest growing disease in the Western world. It is all around us and affects every area of life: emotional (soul), physical (body), and spiritual.

Some people believe Christians shouldn’t have problems or feel stressed and that if you feel overwhelmed, you are not spiritually mature, lacking in faith, or not praying and working hard enough.

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