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7 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

by Annette Reeder

Today we’re going to talk about what are the foods that you need to avoid during pregnancy. This is so vital for you and the health of your child. I would rather teach you what to eat. But sometimes we need to clear the table of what not to eat first.

1. Alcohol

If you are considering getting pregnant, then do not drink any alcohol. It is just unfair to the baby. Alcohol goes straight through the placenta to the baby. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is very real. And it happens whether you drink a little alcohol or a lot of alcohol, it’s not fair to the baby to consume any alcohol.

2. Deli and Processed Meats

There’s so much research out there for people who eat a processed meat and how much inflammation it causes, which leads to a higher risk of autoimmune diseases.

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